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We check and enter all the information in the database manually so data accuracy is at a high level. Users of our website can contribute by reporting (via email) information that can possibly be inaccurate and providing a valid source (photo of the car user manual, link to the official website, etc...), which we investigate and correct if the report is valid:

[protected email]

Car cargo volume notice

We use the name cargo volume but often other names are used outside this website: cargo volume, cargo space, boot, trunk, luggage area...

SUV cargo volume may vary - Depending on the seat configuration and installed equipment package, sometimes there can be 2 rows of seats, sometimes there can be 3 rows of seats. We are showing cargo space behind the second row of seats.

Pickup Truck cargo volume may vary - Usually, they have a big external cargo space together with small internal cargo space. We always show only the volume of big external cargo space. Additionally, Pickup Trucks often have multiple exterior cargo space options for the same model, usually called “short bed” and “long bed”. We always show the standard configuration for each model.

Sports car’s cargo volume may vary - Sometimes sports cars have a cargo area under the hood (front side of the car) and at the rear of the car. In this case, we show whichever space is bigger.

Synonyms for Cargo volume: cargo space, boot, trunk, luggage area, cargo capacity...

Car weight notice

Car weight may vary depending on the equipment of the car. We are showing Curb weight (vehicle weight with standard equipment).

Car type notice

Synonyms for Estate Wagon cars: Combi, Wagon, Tourer, Estate, Station Wagon...

System of Units

Dimension (length, width, height, weight, and cargo space volume) are shown in the International System of Units (SI), commonly known as the Metric system, which is the international standard for measurement. But units can be switched to Imperial with one click. After switching to Imperial units the website will remember this selection until your session lasts, so you can navigate through the site without having to constantly change your preferred system of units.